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 Ametsuchi Clan

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PostSubject: Ametsuchi Clan   Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:50 am

Clans Name: Ametsuchi
Members: Yozora [Ame], Kaito [father], Ake Chou [mother], Mei [aunt-deceased], Koi[uncle-deceased].
Location: Orginal place was the Shinto shrine that bears the Shimbuko tree. But father and mother are hidden somewhere else, seperated. The aunt and uncle are of even less interest, as seeing that they died when she was 3.
Backround: Guard the Shimboku tree, keep it safe, it protects them. Now it solely protects Ame as seeing the rest of her family isn't there.
Jutsus: N/A just basic protection techniques and easy to use jutsu. Only one is special, and it's the Barrier used for the Shimboku. Not an easy task to use, but also lasts a very long time. Requires a scroll that is hidden within the tree itself, so the barrier is set up around it. Only Ametsuchi can understand it, it's in a language that is alien to the rest. But the scroll requires a lot of energy.
Skills: Ame only get the power boost from the moon from having the particles of Tsuki-Yomi, or the moon god flow through her. But she is limited as she is mostly human, so the full moon is her strength. She can't grow the power very much, and even with training the limit is still set. But even then she feels closer to the heavens when strength is abundant and running through her veins.
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Ametsuchi Clan
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