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 Ebirai Umohito (Akatsuki)

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PostSubject: Ebirai Umohito (Akatsuki)   Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:35 am

Name: Ebirai Umohito

Age: 21

Rank: S-Rank

Village: None, Ex-Cloud

Affinity: Lightning

Type: Nin/Tai

Specialized: Speed, Swordsmanship, and Lightning Ninjutsu

Clan: Umohito

Theme Songs:
Bastard - Oomph!
All Nightmare Long - Metallica
Minus Human - Metallica S&M

Physical description: 6'1" tall, 172lbs. He has red eyes and straight black hair that reaches about two inches past his shoulders. Wears a ripped Akatsuki robe with a kasa (Japanese wide brimmed basket hat) and a necklace of the Jashin faith. He wears the slashed cloud headband on his forehead (black cloth), only to the side like Zabuza. He wears his Akatsuki robe open like a jacket. Underneath, he wears a black hakama (bell bottom-like pants worn by samurai) with red trim and clouds on the lower half of the legs, and unusual lightweight suit of blackened steel armor with crimson steel detail work on his legs, arms, and neck.

The armor consists of many small and thin, but strong, plates, for speed and flexibility. On the backs of his hands are ruby Jashin symbols. The gauntlets in question have sharp, demon-esque claws about two inches longer than his actual fingers. The neck-piece is the same basic shape as Zabuza's gauze- It starts around the base of the neck and ends just below the eyes. This is also made of multiple plates, and can move up and down like cloth. He only pulls it up in battle. He wears no armor on his torso, and his chest and stomach are bare.

Ebirai also wears Kuchin, the ring of The Void, and carries an ovular sack on a rope (like those carried by members of squad four of Bleach) on his back, filled with fresh fruit.

Personality: Due to the fact that he usually never spoke until recently, not much was known about Ebirai's personality. He seemed quite insane, showing a love for killing and a complete disregard for all life. He still enjoys fighting, but shows great signs of improvement after realizing his love for Hikato. However randomly, he loves to eat fruit, and will quite often be munching on an apple.

Likes: Hikato, fruit, fighting, worthy opponents
Hates: Vegetables, people who eat seafood

Background: Entirely unheard of until he was 13, when he was spotted digging in the grave of Kurosuki Raiga. He grabbed his swords, then fled. He was not seen for a long time afterwards, but within this time it was found the several unmarked graves had been desecrated, including that of the Demon Brothers of the Mist. He later got aboard a ship headed for the Crystal Village in order to look for the "Ghost Ship" (Rumored to posses weapons of unimaginable power. This is a rumor circulated only by small children in an unnamed village in the Land of Waves), of which he is obsessed. Anyway, the ship was hit by an iceberg that randomly jutted out of the ocean, splitting it in two. A day later, Ebirai washed up onto the shore of the Crystal Village. He was found by Kousetsu, who made him his second apprentice. For a long time, Ebirai trained under Kousetsu, learning the art of the sword, and mastered incredible speed.

Upon the end of his training, he left to find purpose in life. While attempting to do so, he stumbled upon something that gave his life meaning again; he had stumbled upon a rather unorthodox religion- The Cult of Jashin. For a while, he used random missions he took on as a ronin to placate the dark god. Recently, however, he stumbled across a man and a woman from a new group- The Akatsuki. Curious to see where fate would lead them, Ebirai chose to join this new faction, intrigued by the chaos that would prevail.


Name: Kurosuki Blades
Type: Twin blades
Classification: . . . Katanas? Two 2 1/2 ft blades with a curving thorn-shaped spine on both sides of the sword. Reforged, they look more like actual swords and a hardened ruby Jashin symbol has been engraved into the blades of each, close to the hilt.
Ability: Originally belonging to Kurosuki Raiga, these are excellent conductors and amplify lightning jutsu. Reforged by Kousetsu to be lighter and stronger. They also electrocute anyone who touches them.


Nin: 9
Tai: 5
Gen: 0
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 9
Power: 4
Chakra amount: 8
Chakra control: 3
Seal speed: 7
Seal knowledge: 6

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PostSubject: Re: Ebirai Umohito (Akatsuki)   Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:01 am

i thought ebari had already been made? whatever, i approve.

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PostSubject: Re: Ebirai Umohito (Akatsuki)   Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:28 pm

He did it over so he could be stronger and be in Akatsuki. He looks good to me; Approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Ebirai Umohito (Akatsuki)   

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Ebirai Umohito (Akatsuki)
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