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 Vena Cava (Akatsuki?)

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PostSubject: Vena Cava (Akatsuki?)   Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:36 pm

Name: Vena Cava; The Jade(ed) Skeleton.

Age:Appears about 24; although its suspected he's older, though there is no evidence to prove this theory.

Rank: S-rank, Akatsuki

Village: None; Wears Ex-Cloud head band.

Affinity: Lightning/Manipulation of Chakra.

Type: Ninjutsu;Taijutsu.

Specialized:Battojutsu;Naginatajutsu; manipulating,concentrating,and recycling chakra-Will be explained in jutsu..

Clan: none.

Physical description:

Well that is the basic outline of the appearance of the character.
However there are several different 'uniforms' of the character. The one pictured above is his specialized battle uniform that he wears under his Akatsuki cloak.I would also like to note that the Naginata is hidden away and only his sword is visible on his person.

His Akatuski uniform is standard and doesn't necessarily have any added or modified points to it.
He stand normally at about 5' 8", weighs in at 144 lbs. One may notice the odd eye like thing on his right eye. It is actually his right eye, and is a 'birthmark' with certain abilities, However it is not a kekkei genkai, because it is unique to him. He dubs it the "Bestia Oculus(Beast Eye)" and is a bit sensitive about it. When on it battle he covers it up with his head band and usually tell people he had his eye gouged out as a child.

As with his nick name; The Jade Skeleton. This comes from a ability given by the Bestia Oculus. After years of mastering the ability Vena has come to use it at will and when he so chooses he takes on a form given to him by the Bestia Oculus.

As one might guess he takes the form of a Jade Skeleton. His bones are made of smooth,yet extremely hard, jade. The skeleton form is much taller than his human form and he grows to about 7'. Vena's Bestia Oculus seems more active in this state. His teeth are obsidian fangs in both rows. His left eye is large diamond made to fit the eye socket, and Both his finger nails and toe nails are sharpened sapphires in the shape of claws. In this form his. Vena's Naginata also manifest naturally in this form. More info on this form will be included in the jutsu section.

Personality: Generally kind to others Vena tries to make friends where ever he goes but he is quite the sadistic person in battle. Taking pride in slaughter and has one of the darkest sense of humor, when he's fighting someone at least. When not in battle he's always indulgent on the surface and fun loving but he keeps friend in foe well separated.

Again with his nick name the Jade(ed) Skeleton the Jaded come from he fact that at times he can be a complete spaceshot. Missing things, start speaking utter nonsense,staring off at the horizon and laughing at nothing. These occurrences make many think he is high, thus the nick name The Jade(ed) Skeleton came to be.

Likes:New foods;music, the sky, birds,morbidity, the macabre, the tops of mountains, star filled sky and new people.

Hates:People making fun of his eye, know it all's, conformists,paradoxes(may break), puzzles, and time.

Background: Though it is assumed that his is from the cloud village and he has spoken of the village hidden in the clouds he has also talked fondly of a place far north, possibly farther north where " You step out side and you can here your skin crack as its moisture turns to ice". It is unknown if these are delusions or truth.He also speaks of how he in the Akatsuki because it the only place that will accept him truthfully.

Weapon: Name: Hadagarasu(Glass Skin)
Type: Sword
Classification: Katana.
Description: Hadagarasu is different that the average katana because it has an edge made out of obsidian. The edge ironically is harder than the rest of the blade and is mended onto the steel blade via a sealing jutsu.Making the blade was said to be the smiths happiest day because he finally found use from his jutsu.
Ability:The weapon does truly nothing spectacular.The name comes from the fact that it cuts through glass like skin. It almost cuts through anything like skin; rock,concrete,metal,headbands,chakra waves and even some jutsu can be split. However slice through jutsu is useless unless he manages to separate the two halves before it hit. This is more intended for shields and such.

Classification: Naginata
Description: Vena can either summon this or use this in his Jade Skeleton form.
Like Hadagarasu it does nothing spectacular. However he uses it as a pole arm should and this can cut through about anything however it is inferior to hadagarasu. Heki is used more of an extension of the body to channel attacks and ect.

Nin: 5
Intelligence: 3
Speed: 4
Power: 3
Chakra amount: 5
Chakra control: 5
Seal speed: 3
Seal knowledge: 3

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PostSubject: Re: Vena Cava (Akatsuki?)   Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:13 pm

well...characters alright, but im letting you know, most weapons here can "cut through anything" so don't expect to be cutting through any blades.

other than that, i approve, i guess, but you need another approval.

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PostSubject: Re: Vena Cava (Akatsuki?)   Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:39 pm

I approve.
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PostSubject: Re: Vena Cava (Akatsuki?)   

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Vena Cava (Akatsuki?)
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