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 Snake/Serpent Summons

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PostSubject: Snake/Serpent Summons   Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:50 pm

Summon: Snake
Signed: Kenji Karasu (He uses his blade with the scroll etched onto it) and originally a man known simply as Kuro
Contractor: Kenji Karasu
History: How Kenji got the summons is a mystery. Ask him, you might find out.

Summon creature: Hebimaru
Rank: C
Description: Hebimaru is a large, purple and black striped snake about the width of Kenji's leg, thirteen feet long with blood red eyes and large fangs. Kenji cuts his hand on the base of the blade and the first symbol (Hebimaru) glows an eerily dark crimson. The blade then transforms into Hebimaru.
Abilities: Hebimaru's skin is as tough as the steel of the sword. He can talk, although there is a great emphasis on the "sssss" and give Kenji battle advice. Hebimaru can also cast Kenji's genjutsu techniqes and change colour to blend in with the background.

Summon creature: Su-sono-Hebi
Rank: B
Description: Su-sono-Hebi or nest of snakes are a mulitide of small, white snakes that are summoned in similar fasion as Hebimaru. Kenji draws blood or smears his blood on the blade and the second kanji glows a fait white. Su-sono-Hebi errupts from the blade and the fifty odd snakes shoot outwards towards the opponent(s)
Abilites: Each white snake has a poison in their fangs that causes the creature/oppoent that gets bitten to be unable to use their ninjutsu or genjutsu for two posts. The snakes on their own are easy to dodge but due to the vast multitude of them as a whole, their attack is near unavoidable.
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Snake/Serpent Summons
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